There is a range of self-guided activities on a daily basis which vary depending on the weather and the season. Charges apply to some activities. National park entry fees may also apply. There are over 20 different self-guided walking tracks around Cradle Mountain & Dove Lake, ranging from 20 minutes to 9 hours.

Walking Amongst the Wilderness at Cradle Mountain

The best way to appreciate the World Heritage Listed environment at Cradle Mountain is by taking a scenic walk.

For guests of Cradle Mountain Lodge, it is not necessary to venture into the National Park to experience the best of Tasmania’s wilderness, as we have a host of great walks with spectacular scenery that leave directly from the Lodge grounds. These walks are suitable for a wide range of fitness levels and weather conditions.

Use our guide below to help determine which of these walks are most suitable for you. Additional information and detailed walking maps are also available from the Cradle Mountain Visitors Centre.

When out walking, it is recommended that you do not wander off the tracks and that you wear sensible, comfortable shoes or sneakers. You should also take warm clothes and/or wet weather gear, hat, sunscreen and sunglasses with you, as the weather is unpredictable in this alpine region.

For environmental reasons, we ask that you follow the Minimal Impact Guidelines by:

  • Staying on formed tracks at all times
  • Carry all rubbish with you
  • Do not drop cigarette butts or matches
  • Do not feed the wallabies, birds or other wildlife
  • Please consider others and keep noise to a minimum


Easy: Suitable for all ages, but take care with children.
Medium: Some steps and inclines; for people who walk occasionally.
Hard: Steep steps and inclines; for people who walk regularly. Visitors with heart or respiratory problems should not attempt these walks.


Self-Guided Walks And Wanders

The Enchanted Stroll

Meander along the banks of the Pencil Pine River, passing through a diverse array of vegetation, from buttongrass plains to teatree thickets, eucalypt woodlands and mossy myrtle forests. At dawn and dusk, an opportunity (if you’re fortunate) to see the elusive platypus as it frolics in the pools, or glimpse a wombat as it feeds.

Duration – 20 Minutes (1km)
Grade – Easy
Starts – The front of the Lodge (circular track)

King Billy Track

Ramble along through this age old temperate rainforest to discover the myrtle, sassafras and ancient King Billy pines up to 1500 years of age. These giants are now fully protected, although once greatly sought after for their timber. The collection seen on-route are some of the oldest known in the local area.

Duration – 40 Minutes (2km)
Grade – Easy
Starts – To the right of the Lodge (circular track)

The Waterfalls Walk (Pencil Pine Falls and Knyvet Falls)

If you enjoy cascading waterfalls and tranquil rivers then this is the walk for you. Follow the Dove Canyon Track to the Pencil Pine Falls, only 5 minutes walk. This popular swimming spot is likely to provide one of the more invigorating swims of a lifetime! The whole track is boardwalk. From the Pencil Pine falls, continue downstream towards Knyvet Falls. Return via the same route. The waterfalls are particularly spectacular after periods of rain.

Duration 30-40 minutes (1.5km)
Grade – Easy
Starts – Opposite the Lodge Shop

Speeler Track

The Speeler track, beginning on the same route as the King Billy track, offers scenic vistas ranging from cool temperate rainforests, to the seemingly endless fields of buttongrass known as the ‘Fury Plains’. You may even be able to catch glimpses of Cradle Valley and Cradle Mountain, weather permitting. The walk also offers the perfect opportunity to spot wombats, wallabies and echidnas. Please be aware that this track becomes very muddy after rain.

Duration – 1.5 Hours
Grade – Medium
Starts – To the right of the Lodge (circular track)

Dove Canyon Track

After discovering the beauty of the Knyvet Falls this track continues to follow the path of the Pencil Pine River, before taking you through impressive temperate rainforests. A five minute detour, approximately 500m after crossing the river, will take you to the striking junction of the Pencil Pine River and the Dove River. As you continue, the track climbs to the top of Dove Canyon where you are faced with 60-70m cliffs that form the boundaries of Dove River. You are also treated to spectacular views down Cradle Valley and of Cradle Mountain on a clear day. Please be aware this is a more challenging track with one small part involving scaling up rocks; not recommended after periods of rain.

Duration – 3 Hours
Grade – Hard
Starts – Opposite the Lodge Shop (circular track).

Dove Lake Circuit Walk

A fairly easy grade makes this walk suitable for all ages and fitness levels, focusing on Cradle Mountain, temperate rainforests and sub alpine plant communities. See Cradle Mountain in all its glory and learn about the action of past glaciers on the landscape.

Duration – 3 Hours
Grade – Easy

Waldheim Drive Tour

The road to Waldheim turns off approximately 2.5km before Dove Lake, from there it is a mere 500 meters to the chalet and car park. The tour will stop to look at the beautiful Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain (weather permitting). On the way, your guide will tell you all about the local fauna, flora and history of this famous area. Your visit to Waldheim will give an introduction to the life and times of Cradle Valley’s pioneer conservationists, Gustav and Kate Weindorfer. A short stroll through the ancient rainforest completes this tour.

Duration – 2 Hours
Grade – Easy

Crater Lake

An excellent walk which takes you to the Crater Falls and a magical forest with pandini and sassafras trees. Discover the hidden glacial lake surrounded by 200 meter cliffs covered with fagus. Great views of Marion’s Lookout and Crater Lakes.

Duration – 3 Hours
Grade – Medium

Marions Lookout

This is a moderate grade walk with some steep sections, so a reasonable degree of fitness is desirable. On a clear day, this walk offers spectacular views of Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake.

Duration – 3 Hours
Grade – Medium to Hard